Soulfit is a free workout for your body and your soul. The first half of the class will be a workout for the body. All the workouts are weight free and will vary from week to week. After the body work out there will be a facilitated discussion time along with a healthy snack. The discussion time will focus on different issues that we face and how we can deal with them through a biblical standpoint.

First Class is Tuesday, January 23rd at 7:00p.m.

See their website for more details:

Col. 1:1-8

Andrew gives us an intro to the book of Colossians
(once again I can’t get the audio to upload so you’ll have to wait for Daniel to come save the day)

Gym Night

Come out for an hour of games at the Georges P. Vanier school gymnasium.  This is a joint event between Northside, the Chin church, and True Love Arabic church.